“YOL – The Full Version” (2017) honors what the great Turkish-Kurdish actor, author, director and producer Yılmaz Güney wasn’t free to complete during his lifetime. It presents on the screen the content of the script that Yılmaz Güney wrote in prison. “YOL – The Full Version” recounts, as in Yılmaz Güney’s original script, six, rather than five stories about Turkish and Kurdish prisoners. Each of them attempts to get his life back on track during a week’s leave from prison.

For 35 years, the Golden Palm winner YOL (1982) has moved audiences around the world. “YOL – The Full Version” is a piece of Turkish-Kurdish film history that is more contemporary than ever. The work is a timeless portrait of an archaic society whose concepts of honor and moral compass are the downfall of men and women alike. – Thanks to intense research, film material that was thought lost was found, digitised and edited according to Yılmaz Güney’s original editing plan. Image and sound have been accurately restored to their authentic condition.

Turkey’s most important film with its topics more contemporary than ever was finally restored and completed for the occasion of Yılmaz Güney’s 80th birthday.

The restored and completed version of Yılmaz Güney’s „YOL“ (1982), entitled „YOL – The Full Version“ (2017) will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray soon.
We are still working on the search of the best bonus material, the graphic design and the booklet with the facts about Yılmaz‘ escape from the Isparta prison and Turkey in october 1981.

Download the Pressbook of the film.